Salkantay Trek: 4 days from peaks and glaciers, through forests and jungles, to the Machu Picchu.


by Bérenger Zyla , 2012

This episode is part of a journey in South America that took place during May-June 2012.

Get ready for a 112 kilometers hiking trip!

The Salkantay Trek is probably one of the most amazing treks I've done. It makes you go trough exceptional places, meet incredible people, and learn a lot about the region and its history.

It starts in Mollepata, a small village located 100 kilometers West of Cusco.

The first day is a «warm up»; a nice walk to reach the night camp, in a valley surrounded by high peaks covered in ice.

On the second day the journey gets more physical with a climb to El Paso, the highest point of the trek (4.672 m), at the bottom of the Nuevado Salkantay. From the top, surrounded by snow, rocks and glaciers, you walk deep down into the valley to the next camp, 1.800 m below in the jungle.

On the next day, you'll trek through the jungle, along the Rio Aobamba river, where you discover the fauna, flora and specialties of the region. Ending the day in Santa Teresa, you can rest and relax in the natural hot springs.

The fourth day brings you to Hidroelectrika, an immense hydroelectric plant, and the a walk along rail tracks to Aguas Calientes, the city at the bottom of the famous Machu Picchu.

The last day is the «grand finale». Take your time visiting and learning about the history of the site, the Incas, and if you're courageous, hike a bit more to the top of the Huayna Picchu.

Five physically demanding days, through a dozen of different terrains and many of the most amazing landscapes you’ll see in South America.

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  1. La mamounette

    Merveilleuses photos!
    Et pour “the two nice mistakes” lorsqu’on voit comment tu les as utilisées et le résultat aujourd’hui! On se régale avec tes reportages photos et en quelque sorte maintenant c’est toi qui nous emmène dans tes voyages! ;-)
    Nous sommes fiers de toi et tu mérites que ton souhait se réalise très bientôt : transformer tes 2 passions en travail à plein temps!

    And “the nice two mistakes” when you see how you’ve used and the result today! We enjoy stories with your photos and somehow now it is you who takes us on your travels! ;-)
    We are proud of you and you deserve your wish come true soon: transform your two passions into full-time work!

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