The Slow Living Life In South China.


by Fransisca Angela

I packed my bags and left Indonesia without holding on to any expectations since all I knew about China was that everything moves really fast and it gradually evolved to the second-leading country in the world. It was my first time travelling to China and I was truly grateful we decided to explore the South area.

I was completely blown away by the fact that people who lives in the South tend to be more relaxed, simply mastering the art of slow living life. I got to explore Guilin and Yangshuo with its beautiful scenery that surrounds the whole area of this small city. We took a day trip cruising around Yangshuo’s lake with the sun light directly breaking through our faces.

The journey continued by visiting relatives in Hainan and to be honest, life in the South was pretty much more interesting compared to other big cities in China we’ve always seen being exposed on the mass media. You can see the local people doing ordinary things with extraordinary joy. It will make you think of how one could simply just live a happy fulfilling life without trying too much. The locals’ charming and friendly personality is also the main reason this trip will always remains my favorite.

The best thing about travelling is when you find a spot to your new favorite words, and it all started when I greeted everyone with “ni hao” and suddenly I just simply felt closer to them.

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