South East China by Local Bus.


by Lucian Marin

China is a country of huge contrast from miles of skyscrapers in Shenzen, our point of entry, to the rural buffalo-and-rice region along the Li River, where most of our exploration took place.

We spent a few weeks in Guangxi province along the minority villages, enjoying local chilly served with anything, sleeping in wooden guesthouses with wi-fi access and goats in the kitchen, picking pomellos and oranges from the fields for lunch, hiking in the rice terraces, and learning how to say chicken in Chinese.

A rough trip, with terrible traffic and complete lack of English, but this only adds to the adventure. Interesting to experience the scale of development the country is undergoing.

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  1. Chloe Chang

    Absolutely stunning. I grew up in an urban Chinese city, but this makes me miss home by its sheer beauty.

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