Kerala is the foremost attraction in India for the discerning traveler.


by Anoop Negi

It has pristine blue waters all along, clean beaches, tea estate hill stations and the unique backwaters. It is regarded as one of the Top 10 destinations for photography in the world.

Kerala is not only aesthetic landscapes. It is a microcosm of an ancient culture and civilization kept intact. You can see boat races with 100 plus rowers, muddy bull races or witness the ancient ritual and rites of the people manifesting in dances like Kathakali and Theyyam and the most ancient martial art form of Kalari.

There is legendary pomp and celebration on display with hundreds of elephants in fanfare when Hindu festivals take place. This was the land much sought by the European explorers for the spices and riches and it is still laden with great surprises.

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  1. Gautam

    Found this website on You are doing a great job showing India to the world. Awesome!
    Nice photography, I love photography. You can also cover Andhra Pradesh. I am from Andhra…

  2. Anoop Negi

    Gautam thanks for your kind words. I am indebted to the team of letstravelsomewhere.come for a beautiful concept and great execution in putting up this wonderful site to showcase various parts of the world.

    I have not been to Andhra Pradesh at all for many years though I know many from that state and it has been a pleasure to interact with them and their straightforward ways and sincerity and lack of malice. I am sure the land and its customs would be equally wonderful. I wait for an opportunity to visit this land of yours.

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