A Fine Balance.


by Christopher Eckel

Bombay, similar to the city I hailed from (New York), is a place so full of wonder and history I could've happily stayed much longer than five weeks.

Being the stomping grounds of my companion, Pallavi, I was given the insider's tour to many neighborhoods in the north and south of the city. We explored with the unhurried pace of locals, often committing whole days to the travel to and from a small restaurant or shop on the other side of town, a unique sliver of a collective culture which I found the most diverse and wonderful of any destination I've visited.

Like all of India, at first glance you can easily see only the chaos, the sensory overload of the streets and noises and smells, but when taking the time to look closer and dig deeper, Bombay is where I found the heart of a culture that is endlessly fascinating, a place that will most certainly draw me back before long.

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  1. Nerijus

    I love length, brief and visual appearance of your trips. Refreshing comparing to other similar stuff.

    keep it up & best wishes
    from Lithuania

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