From God's Own Country.


by Kannan K R

India, perhaps is one among the favorite getaways for many photographers out there. The colors you see in India are rich and diverse and can never be seen anywhere else. As Mr. Raghubir Singh once said - "It is impossible to express India's particular beauty in black-and-white."

Kerala, a small state in the southern part of India is renowned in another name - The God's Own Country. Though the major reason for this is nature, ethnic toothsome food and other such things, there are deeper secrets dwelling inside that are yet to be explored.

Like us, humans, the soul of a land lies in itself. But in Kerala, the soul lies in various things - from seas to hill stations, Kerala has everything that can entice its natives and especially, tourists. With over 10lakh tourists clustering every year, Kerala is said to be one of the best tourist spots in the world.

Being a denizen of this small, yet beautiful place, I have always loved traveling. The exploration of a land, which is renowned for many things, is not just exciting but exotic and thrilling. As you can see, this series includes photographs of mountains to that of seas that were shot at different places, at different situations.

My belief is that travel is intimately connected with photography. I photograph whatsoever that puts an interestingness in me. I photograph because I get inspired. I photograph for the reason that - I believe there are frames that demands to be captured by someone on this planet. It's just these three small and simple elements that keep me going.

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