Incredible India.


by Luis Lobo Henriques , 2012

I finally had the opportunity to travel through India in April 2012. Long ago, I dreamed of shooting Indian people, because of their looks, their calmness and their colorful robes.

I visited Delhi, Varanasi (the most amazing city and therefore it's essential to visit), Khajuraho and its famous erotic temples, the beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra, Fathepur Sikri, the abandoned city built by Emperor Akbar, the Amber Fort in Amber and Jhaipur, the pink city.

After this trip, I was absolutely in love with the country and its people and I want to visit again as soon as possible to make a photo book of India.

5 Responses to “Luis Lobo Henriques”

  1. Keith Saint

    India is a place full of colour and you have caught this in the place and in the people.
    These are a wonderful record of environmental portraiture.
    I always feel that the background is as important ingredient to an image as this helps tell the story of the people or place. Nothing more truer in this set of images.
    The images show both a tough life but also a pride of who these people are.
    If your going back Luis I can’t imagine how you could do better.

  2. Marian Man

    Your pictures my dear Luis are each one a work of art…. one can get an inner look into the atmosphere, the history, the life as it was and is today in this wonderful country….
    I also agree with Keith that if going back there you could not do better…..
    Congratulations my dear friend!!!!

  3. Beatriz Largo

    Travelling with Luis’ pictures is always an exciting journey around the world. The album of India is most interesting and breathtaking even for someone who has never visited this place like myself. The grasp of reality is what makes Luis’ work so amazing. I have enjoyed this delightful experience in every way.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Hill Wolf

    Great work! You are more than idol, the photos really have a lot of passion. Your unique vision is amazing & I feel your photos, and what you want to say in your photos :)

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