Boat Construction At Royapuram Fishing Harbour.


by Saravanan Dhandapani

Royapuram is well known for its first railway station in the South of India and the famous fishing harbour but apart from that, there is another face for it. The fishing boat manufacturing unit. If you come to the Royapuram fishing pier area, you'll see a small area of boat construction units at the beach side. There are many small companies involved in constructing fishing boats.

I had been there many times but this is the first time I've seen this area. The moment I saw this place, the giant boat and its construction pulled me to watch the entire section and without saying, my eyes and third eye started capturing each and every piece of their work...

First I started from with brand new 100% completed fishing boat which was about to be pulled into the sea. While looking at the finishing of the boat, I saw that there is an well equipped and was no modernised lab (!) to build these boats. You know, it was so surprising that there is no modern equipments and lab to build these giant boats. The work is simple, almost as an normal carpenter workshop - just without a roof (!)

I was intrigued and started asking the people who worked there. They told me very casually that they don't follow any modern techniques other than simple calculation to cut the woods to build the boat. The place is also very simple but they were so keen about their work, and I was able to see different stages of the boats; one its very first stage, another one in middle and one in its final stage as coating the fiber on the wooden part was happening and finally one completed boat.

While discussing with the people who work there, building the boat by the wooden parts and coating the fiber on top of the wood are two major parts and there are two different teams involved in this process. To build a good fishing boat, it will costs around 50 laks which will then have a very good container to keep the fish and it'll also be equipped with all modern connectivity devices like GPS, wireless, etc...

It was so nice to interact with these people. They were so kind, respected everyone and were giving nice replies to all our questions and doubts.
If you have time, please go there and watch their work and don't forget to appreciate their work.

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  1. Maha

    Saravanan, nicely done.

    A no obligation request –> If you would like to team up with someone please rope me in. I am not a pro’ but an enthusiastic photographer

    Good luck

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