Life in Red | A Brick Factory Workers Life.


by Saravanan Dhandapani

Today in the World economy, we're thinking about the infrastructure which is the backbone of any country's development; here the construction is the very important factor which plays in huge role in the suburb city ... Nowadays like we see in a city like Chennai, the infrastructure development is in vertical growth and the constructions are equally busy at all levels. For this, Brick and Sand are two important raw materials. I had an opportunity to see the brick factories at a place called Thirumazhisai, Chennai.

Thirumazhisai is an excellent greenish place where we can see the forming of bricks is an important activity but at the same time if we look into another direction, there are several brick factories running with full swing...these brick factories are very modern in terms of heating the bricks whereas the humans are involved in all other activities but without any protection gear.
Both men and women are equally participating in all the activities from the starting point to the burning of bricks it in the chambers.

Most of the people are from Andra Pradhesh and Telugu speaking. They work here and normally always stay near to the brick factory site. They live in normal huts and while working they don't use any protection gear. I saw many wounds on their bodies - mostly on the hands and face but they don't worry about it.

Working under direct sun light or in the hot chamber with polluted air, just think about their job... It was so hard to see their life at the brick factory. For someone else's luxury life, these people put their lifes under extreme risk...

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  1. Tina Zou

    Good photo to help me to know in this world there are many people who are working harder than me…And surely, they are happier.

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