Ladakh, Kashmir.


by Suman Roychoudhu , 2012

This trip was long over due. It didn't matter that most of my friends backed off for one reason or the other, or that we were approaching the end of tourist season in Ladakh.

In the end it was just my wife and myself packing our bags for a 15 day trip to the moon kingdom. I had my fingers crossed for picturesque landscapes. I was thinking of vantage points where I can set the aperture to F8 and without much worry capture surreal landscapes with azure blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Well, I wasn't disappointed.

I was tired of trying to cover as much of the region as possible, but in the end we just touching the tip of the iceberg. And like all good things, Ladakh just grows on you.

Its been almost 6 months since I visited Ladakh and I'm already planning my second trip. So 'juley' till next time - 'Juley' is an all purpose Ladakhi word which can mean hello, welcome & goodbye.

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  1. Deanna

    India is on my bucket list for sure. Never heard of Ladahk, but it sounds great if you’re already planning a second trip! The photos are awesome.

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