Uttarayan Kite Festival.


by Tom Robinson

I was commissioned by Gujarat Tourism to photograph the Uttarayan Kite Festival. The festival marks the end of winter and is a sign for farmers that harvest season is approaching. People of all ages take to the rooftops to fly the traditional Indian fighter kites, known as Patang.

Kite strings are coated in a mixture of ingredients including glass powder, egg-white and brightly coloured dyes, allowing them to cut the strings of other kites. Another part of Uttarayan is the International Kite Festival, where people are invited from all over the world to come and fly their kites in various locations around Gujarat, including the beautiful White Desert of Dhordo and Sabarmati Waterfront in Ahmedabad.

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  1. Manda Naveen

    Stunning! Inspired to see it first hand :-)

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