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Each feature on Let's Travel Somewhere stands out. Each story is a different one. Yet there's one thing that combines them all: The people behind the lens are the best of the best. Some of them are professionals, other amateurs. And this is exactly what makes Let's Travel Somewhere so diverse.

The directory below lists all the photographers and their featured work that has been published on Let's Travel Somewhere. Thanks guys for the impressive work and great cooperation!

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  • Ata Adnan

    Ata Adnan is a 24 year old freshly graduated doctor and a passionate photographer. The idea of travelling, photographing people and telling their stories have driven his life for the past three years. While his first love will always be with being a doctor, he believes photography is the oxygen to his life.

  • Gmb Akash

    "To underline our lives, our awareness, I persist to treasure and poke the ‘spinal chord’ of the world, by transforming suffering into photographs. For me, photography is my language to access, to communicate, to identify and mostly to make injustice and suffering to be heard. Through photography I only jot down my heart’s language. The best part about being a photographer is that I’m able to articulate the experiences of the voiceless and to bring their identities to the forefront which gives meaning and purpose to my own life."

  • Matteo Allegro

    In the beginning it was just enjoyment and pleasure in shooting pictures, before discovering a real fever for photography. Matteo Allegro's passion evolved in the course of his travels around the world, from his first love for landscapes to a fervor and sensitivity for portraits. With his lens models the scenes that reflect behind his eyes, he rebuilds and converts them into personal creations.

  • Fransisca Angela

    Fransisca Angela is a freelance photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She finds luxury from travelling and wandering around to new places.

  • Sivan Askayo

    Sivan Askayo is a freelance Travel photographer and writer, based both in New York and Tel Aviv. She photographs what she loves; Kids, Food, Travel, Street Art and as a City Dweller, tends to capture the dynamics of the places she is in.
    When she is not globe trotting for a living, she can be found shooting hanging laundry for her ongoing photography project 'Intimacy under the Wires'.
    Her work has been featured in Travel + Leisure, Hemisphere, AFAR, Marie Claire Italia, Resource Magazine to name a few.

  • Azeem Azeez

    Growing up, Azeem Azeez was inspired by his dad, who was a photographer. He first picked up my camera when he was 15 and hasn't been able to put it down since. When Azeem is not taking photos, he's learning about technology, listening to music or spending time with my journey curator.

  • Navid Baraty

    Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty left an unfulfilling career in engineering to pursue his photographic passion. He was drawn to photography by its amazing ability to stop time, revealing unexpected details that the eye might otherwise never see. Navid is expanding his work into photojournalism with the desire to accurately portray humanity and shape the way people think about the Earth. His intense curiosity and love of travel has made him determined to explore the world’s most extreme and beautiful environments on every continent.

  • Izla Kaya Bardavid

    Izla Kaya Bardavid is based in Stockholm and travels around the globe to work as a project manager and to shoot photographs for International NGO’s and individuals.

  • Claude Barutel

    Claude Barutel specializes in trucking photography. His adventures have taken him all over the world.

  • Emily Berger

    Michigan born and raised with a BFA in Photography, a home currently in Brooklyn, and a constant need to explore and photograph. Emily Berger will go anywhere the road takes her.

  • Kristian Bertel

    With his camera in his hands the photographer Kristian Bertel has been travelling India experiencing and photographing the people and places of various locations. On his journeys he loves to capture moments of life, beauty and culture through photography.

  • Edgar de Bono

    Edgard de Bono was born in Udine in 1986, and has had an interest in travel and photography since childhood, admiring and studying the great photographers in Magnum and National Geographic. After graduating as an electronic technician, he attended several photographic workshops in Italy and other countries, travelling to Morocco and Senegal with Vittorio Sciosia.

  • Etienne Bossot

    Etienne Bossot is a travel and commercial photographer based in Hoi An, Vietnam for over 6 years. He's also running the Hoi An Photo Tour & Workshop as well as photo tours in the Indochina area. He also opened his fine art photo gallery in Hoi An.

  • Ren Bostelaar

    Ren Bostelaar is a photographer, photo educator and writer from Toronto, Canada. He shot his first roll of film as a 13 year-old on a cross-country trip with his father, and has been carrying cameras far from home ever since.

  • Thomas Brault

    "Johanna and I travelled Asia for 7 months and explored Mongolia, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. We wanted to take our time and spend as long as possible in each country to get to know them better."

  • Bianca Cash

    Bianca Cash is a twenty-something hobby photographer from Melbourne, Australia. She likes to design, organise, illustrate and photograph.

  • Grenville Charles

    Grenville Charles is a freelance photographer. A large portion of his work is in TV and film stills for the
    BBC and Granada Television amongst others. He's a freelance photographer based in Sheffield in the north of England.

  • Chervenak Aaron & Gareth Jones

    Gareth is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and has spent several years living in Brazil. Aaron is a photographer and filmmaker based in Southern California. In September 2012 we returned to Brazil to attempt to become the first people ever to complete a 'human powered' voyage from the country’s most northern point at Caburaí, to its southern extreme at Chuí, covering a distance of over 9000km (5500miles) by foot, paddle and pedal.

  • Thomas Ciszewski

    Based in Paris, France, Thomas Ciszewski is a self taught digital creative director. Traveling and photography are essentials to him, each year he does his best to be able to go as far as possible.

  • Rodolfo Contreras

    Rodolfo Contreras is a travel photographer based in Hong Kong at the moment. He's mainly focusing on travel and portrait photography.

  • Georges Courreges

    Travel the world to feel the Earth and get rich of the differences of Men. For Georges Courreges this is the beginning of wisdom. His motto: "I love him who dreams the impossible."

  • Rehahn Croquevielle

    Rehahn is a French photographer, born in Normandy. 2 years ago, he decided to move to Vietnam after 10 trips in 4 years to this country. He's now living in Hoi An, a small city in central Vietnam. Rehahn has opened a restaurant and it gives him enough time to take photos.

  • Jo Currie

    Jo Currie is a photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. She specialises in weddings, portraits and travel photography.

  • Ronnie Dankelman

    In 2003 Ronnie was in Morocco for a 9 days trek through the desert. He met somebody who encouraged him to do something with photography, so he bought his first Canon SLR (analog).

  • Etienne Desclides

    Etienne Desclides lives in Paris, France and is a creative director working in a digital advertising agency.

  • Saravanan Dhandapani

    Photography is Saravanan Dhandapani's passion, expression and outcome of his feel. People are his primary subject and he always tries to capture them with their expression, moments and life. Photography helps Saravanan to understand people, life, environment and society.

  • Shishir Dhulla

    Shishir Dhulla is a travel enthusiast and an amateur photographer from Mumbai, India. He likes to meet people, understand cultures and thinks that these are integral for understanding the real meaning of life. While he loves all kinds of photography, he loves to capture street and candid life moments. He works with Asia’s leading independent brokerage and investment group for a living and always looks forward to short travels to quench his wanderlust.

  • Bojidar Dimitrov

    Bojidar Dimitrov was born and raised in Bulgaria, but he considers himself a citizen of the entire planet. He studied in the USA and currently lives in Germany, but every time he travels to a new country, he falls in love with it. For Bojidar traveling to remote locations, experiencing the power and tranquility of nature or getting in contact with the local people are some of the strongest and most positive emotions anyone can experience. In 2014 he and his girlfriend put their jobs on hold and traveled around the world for 6 months. It was the best decision they ever made.

  • Mathew Dodos

    Mathew Dodos is a freelance art director from Melbourne, Australia. He combines his passion for travel and walking with creative projects, capturing his experiences in sketchbooks, films and photos.

  • Martin Dudek

    Martin Dudek is a photographer and web designer currently based in Vienna, Austria. After finishing his diploma in development studies he desperately wants to pack all his lenses, kiss mama goodbye and be on the road again.

  • Drew Echberg

    Drew Echberg is a freelance photographer from Melbourne, Australia. He's interested in capturing scenes that are peculiar, ugly in an amusing way, or beautiful in an unexpected way.

  • Christopher Eckel

    Christopher Eckel is a designer by trade, based in New York City. He travels as often and as far as possible, always finding new inspiration in the places he goes, the people he meets, and those he travels with.

  • Dario Endara

    Photography started as a hobby for me and eventually turned into my profession. My passion for travel photography has taken me to more than 30 countries which has helped me to create a vast collection of images of people and places from around the world. My goal in life is to cover as much of the globe as possible and explore what it has to offer.

  • Jennifer Esseiva

    Jennifer is a Swiss multimedia designer and self-taught photographer. She is currently looking for a full-time job in a graphic agency in Switzerland but she's ready to move abroad if she gets the opportunity.

  • Justin Evidon

    Justin Evidon is a freelance photographer/videographer, seeking out travel opportunities and adventure whenever possible. In the past few years he has visited five continents as he documented the faces and places that create our world. Finding beauty in what is around you can allow for a better understanding of the beauty inside each and every one of us. During moments of rest, he can be found enjoying yoga, food, a good cup of coffee and a hammock (sometimes all at once).

  • Marianna F.

    Marianna grew up as a "third culture kid" with hungry eyes to discover the world and its cultures. She suspect this is why, that she finally (around 2008-ish), started to develop a serious and unstoppable passion for photography, driving her to thus capture all the beautiful details, faces and moments she would come across in this amazing planet we live on. Marianna is a self-taught photographer, started her way up with a compact, moving to a terrible bridge and finally a respectable DSLR - at least for now that is.

  • Albert González Farran

    Albert González Farran is working in Darfur, Sudan, since November 2009, as a photographer of the Communications and Public Information Division of UNAMID, the largest UN peacekeeping mission in the world.

  • Ludwig Favre

    Ludwig Favre is a photographer specialized in big cities. He has always been attracted to big cities and their vibrant energy.

  • Darragh Mason Field

    Culture and fine art Photographer Darragh Mason Field was born in Dublin but grew up in the West of Ireland and went on to study a BA in Communications at Dublin City University, majoring in Photography. His work has taken him across India and the far east shooting subjects as diverse as religion, martial arts and poverty.

  • Dennis Fischer

    Dennis Fischer is a 27 year old self-taught hobby photographer located in southern Germany. He started with photography in 2009, not expecting that he would become that addicted and that this hobby would change his views on many things in a positive way. He loves to capture beautiful and interesting landscapes but also tries to improve my skills in architecture photography.

  • Mats Forssell

    Mats Forssell is a travel photographer with the focus on surfing. "Maui has the most beautiful scenery. The vast landscapes, the lush green vegetation, the magical light and the blue oceans. Add the world class surfing that is going on, and it makes the island a photographers dream."

  • Naseef Gafoor

    Naseef Gafoor is a commercial photographer and cinematographer specialized in architecture, food, classic portraiture as well as corporate, travel and documentary videos.

  • Markus Gebauer

    Markus Gebauer is an adventurer by nature, IT teacher by profession and photographer by passion. He got in touch with photography during a volunteering project in West Africa. Fascinated by its culture, but unable to capture it properly, he started teaching himself photography methods by reading 20-year-old books from the local markets. Currently Markus is working as a freelance IT-teacher, which allows him to travel during assignments and spend more time on mastering his pictures.

  • Moreno Geremetta

    Moreno Geremetta was born, and still lives in the northeast of Italy, in the area of the Dolomites. He likes to photograph everything, but the three themes he loves most are landscapes, abandonment and macro.

  • Garrett Grove

    It's about being there; with the long days, joyus moments & unforeseen circumstances. Garrett is available worldwide for editorial & commercial assignments that keep the story and experience central.

  • Tautvydas Gylys

    Tautvydas Gylys is a photographer from Lithuania. "During my travels I discovered photography and in photography I found myself."

  • Michael Hacker

    Michael Hacker is a web designer with a passion for nature, traveling and photography. "There are so many wonderful places in the world. What nature created attracts me and makes me want to travel."

  • Cherina Hadley

    Cherina Hadley is an Australia-based freelance travel writer and photographer. Her travels have found her trekking through the Andes and Patagonia, photographing polar bears in the Arctic, walking 1400km across Spain, photographing the wilderness of Iceland and ice climbing in Alaska…always with a camera at hand.

  • Tony Harrison

    Tony Harrison has been travelling the world for 11 years, he picked up his first camera 3 years ago and now travels the globe looking for stunning locations to shoot all the earth has to offer.

  • Ignacio Hennigs

    Ignacio Hennigs is a young photographer and globetrotter. He's always looking for new experiences and adventures. For this reason his love of photography began three years ago. Now his camera is a part of him. As a freelance photographer, he feels like he's in another world, a world waiting to be discovered and he is the person responsible for showing this world to everybody.

  • Luis Lobo Henriques

    Luis Lobo Henriques is a photographer from Leiria, Portugal. His passion for travelling has taken him all over the world.

  • Gregor Hofbauer

    Gregor Hofbauer is a Vienna based Creative Director. His very personal creative output though is his photography. He likes to capture authentic places, people and moments. He hardly ever seeks out specific motifs but rather lets the world present itself to him and his cameras. His passion results mainly in travel, interior and portrait photography.

  • Marcus Holland-Moritz

    Marcus loves travelling. He loves photography. But he loves so many other things as well that he hardly gets around to doing much travel photography.

  • Frederic Huber

    Frederic Huber is 29 years old and I lives in Switzerland. He jumped into the world of photography in January of 2010 when he purchased his first DSLR, a Canon 7D. Since then he's trying to learn the craft of landscape photography.

  • Alastair Humphreys

    Alastair Humphreys is a British Adventurer, Author, Photographer and Blogger. He spent over 4 years cycling round the world, a journey of 46,000 miles through 60 countries and 5 continents. He is a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.

  • Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk

    Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk is a graphic designer hobby photographer from Germany. She owns more than 30 different cameras. As a small town girl her urge to travel started in kindergarden, when she moved out of her parents place to see the world.

  • Anthon Jackson

    Anthon Jackson is a photographer and writer currently based in Istanbul. He's been on the road nearly full-time since 2008, when he received a degree in Middle East Studies/Arabic and purchased his first DSLR. Ongoing projects include documentaries on the Afar of Eastern Ethiopia and the Deobandi-Barelvi rivalry of India and Pakistan.

  • Jonas Jacobsson

    "The thing that drives me is the ability to inspire people around me with my photography, the way I have been inspired by others. Sort of my way of passing that along I guess. I call myself a traveler and exploring the world gives me purpose, with a camera to share my experiences and sights. The more you see, the more you understand. The beauty about photography is that almost anyone can interpret an image, children and adults alike. My ultimate dream would be to explore the world non-stop, with only a camera and something to develop and share my images on!"

  • Andreas Jakwerth

    Andreas Jakwerth is a professional photographer based in Vienna. He works for many international and national magazines and clients. He calls himself a portrait-photographer but really he shoots everything. When he is not taking photographs or travelling you will find him climbing on rocks!

  • Anton Jankovoy

    Anton Jankovoy is professional travel-photographer, shooting in such genres as travel, landscape and portrait photography. Interests: The East, travelling, photography, mysticism, esoterism, raw food diet, mountains, nature, silence.

  • Sergio Jensen

    Currently based in London, Sergio Jensen is always trying to get away from the city and explore new places and meet new people. He never leaves without a camera.

  • Matt Jones

    Matt Jones is a 20 year old khaki clad Australian, who's always more interested in the next plan than the present one.

  • Sandra Jordan

    From a very early age Sandra travelled around the world with her family, sparking a huge interest in foreign countries and foreign cultures, including periods of living both in Austria, Turkey and Morocco.

  • Siddhartha Joshi

    Siddhartha Joshi is an Industrial Designer based out of Pune and work often takes him to places deep into the heartland of India. He started capturing people and their lives through the lens as an experiment after a suggestion from his girl friend; and now he can't live without it. Travel is all about the people he meets on his journeys, and photography is how he captures them forever.

  • Kannan K R

    Kannan K R is just another kid in the block who takes pictures. Mostly, frames that include people. His biggest dream is to travel the whole of India - especially to Leh/Ladakh. At times, he also dreams of dying while in a sleep.

  • Nayeem Kalam

    "I have had an extraordinary life, full of unbelievable encounters like a fairytale."

  • Alexander Koval

    In life Alexander wants to experience and share what the world has to offer. He travels the earth to see it for himself while capturing the moment.

  • Rodion Kovenkin

    Rodion Kovenkin is an Art-Director and food/travel photographer living in Minsk. He's using his camera to catch the uncatchable since 2006.

  • Ivan Kozorezov

    "My main goal - to help the viewer to experience all the mighty power of Himalayas, show their wild and pristine glory. I want capture the philosophy of the mountains, their appealing force and attraction. If anybody would feel the urge to see everything with his own eyes - the purpose of my work is well served. You have to meet the mountains in person in order to feel and to enjoy their beauty, and to ultimately test yourself."

  • Seema Krishnakumar

    Seema Krishnakumar is a communication designer, design faculty and documentary photographer based in South India.

  • Evelina Kristanti

    Graduated in 2006 with degree in Hospitality Major in Switzerland, Evelina Kristanti is now working as business development manager and freelance photographer based in Indonesia. Her focus lies in travel, landscape, portrait and architecture photography. As a self-taught photographer, she was introduced to her first camera in 2008, and ever since she has found her greatest passion in life.

  • Piotr Kulczycki

    My second pair of eyes are my photo lens, my time stops when I climb the mountains and my motivation comes when I am part of the sea, swimming.

  • Gloria Kurnik

    "As a filmmaker and a photographer I always search to present the exotic cultures in a way people from all over the world can relate to them, and perhaps even find some similarities. I believe that deep inside we all share the same needs and emotions and if we only choose to look past our differences, we'll be able to understand the foreign and see a friend in a stranger."

  • Frédéric Lagrange

    Frédéric Lagrange's interest in photography was first an excuse to travel, but soon grew into an obsessive passion. He has been documenting the world for the last ten years, traveling through more than 80 countries since he first picked up a camera.

  • Marji Lang

    Marji Lang is a travel & documentary photographer based in Paris, France. Her passion lies in documenting human condition through various angles such as daily life, religion, specific events and festivals, social and cultural issues.

  • Sergio Lanza

    Sergio is a Spanish photographer focused on nature photography; landscapes, seascapes, wildlife... He's also interested in city and architecture photography, especially in night and blue hour images.

  • Archie Leeming

    Archie Leeming is a designer and photographer currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. Curiosity has pulled him to explore Asia and Africa by Land Rover, motorbike, bicycle and dugout canoe. He is always plotting his next adventure...

  • Jens Lennartsson

    Jens Lennartsson works as a travel and lifestyle photographer, who's living in south of Sweden. He's writing about the human part of photography at The Zen Photographer.

  • Ulli Maier

    Ulli Maier has been travelling since the early 70’s, when all those modern gadgets were not yet invented. Travelling overland through remote and unexplored regions of the black continent was a privilege for only a hand full of people. It’s what made her continue travelling the world all through all her life. Ulli is a freelance photographer. Her work has been featured in various international magazines. She's also a contributor for Getty Images.

  • Andrea Maier

    Andrea Maier is an Austrian hobby travel photographer, living in Sydney, Australia.

  • Akos Major

    Born in 1974, Hungarian photographer. Graduated in 2001 from Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME) in Budapest, Hungary with a degree of Visual Communications. After working for ten years as an art director in an Ad-Agency, left the industry in 2010 to work as a freelance designer. Akos is currently living in Vienna, Austria.

  • Pascal Mannaerts

    Pascal Mannaerts was born in Brussels in 1978. He studied law at the Free University of Brussels and is currently working with asylum seekers in Belgium. Blessed with an artistic bent and wanderlust, he discovered photography during his student years. Pascal is a self-taught photographer.

  • Vicki Mar

    Vicki Mar is a photographer from San Francisco, who hopes to bring you some fleeting moments from corners of the world and all around her.

  • Lucian Marin

    Lucian Marin (1981) lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. His photographic interests range from still life to landscape, abstract to the odd travel images of the contemporary world.

  • Miro May

    Miro May is a travel photographer from Germany. He love the beauty and the unexpected, and he's still looking for good moments.

  • Ajit Menon

    Ajit Menon is a hobbyist photographer and fascinated by the world around him - different cultures of the world and the amazing sculptural creations of the natural world around us.

  • Gianmarco Meroni

    Gianmarco Meroni is 24 years old and studying industrial engineering. He has three big passions: climbing, traveling and photography. His great desire is to go all over the word to see the smiles and look in people's eyes. For this reason his journeys are self-made and in his photograph he wants to show his experiences and his feelings: one shot, one story.

  • Alexei Mikhailov

    Alexei Mikhailov (1983), is a photographer specialized in landscape, portrait and sport photography.

  • Mia Minor

    Mia Minor is a self-taught amateur photographer from Slovakia. She started with photography in September 2011 and it has become her passion. She loves to explore the world and see it in many different ways, especially those tiny bits that often stay unnoticed. That's why macro photography is an enchanting world for her worth to be explored.

  • Mohammad Moniruzzaman

    Mohammad Moniruzzaman is a Bangladeshi photographer who is deeply interested in the humans he encounter. He likes to portray the lives of the people in the context of the place and the community they belong to. He believes that traveling enriches ones experience and endows us with a deeper understanding of the people and the planet integral to our existence. Right now, Mohammad lives in United States to pursue a doctoral degree in Microbiology.

  • Mela Mörtenbäck

    Mela Mörtenbäck is a passionate traveler and hobby photographer currently located in Tirol, Austria.

  • Ruth Moucharafieh

    Ruth Moucharafieh is an amateur photographer attempting to document traditional life, the natural beauty and modern changes in Lebanon.

  • Vladimir Nardin

    Vladimir Nardin is a passionate travel photographer who's trips have taken him all over the world.

  • David Navais

    David Navais is a travel photographer based in Spain. His motto is: "Travelling & looking for unexpected experiences."

  • Anoop Negi

    Anoop Negi has worked in the photography and design arena for many years. He regularly shoots for travel and food publications of repute and specializes in event photography all over India. In the incubus of photography he has some world class images which have become synonymous with colors and India. His work also adorns various corporate board rooms and personal collections.

  • Roberto Nencini

    Photographically, Roberto was born in 1975 with his first camera, a Kodak Retinette that his father gave him as a gift. One day he chanced on a book about darkroom and it fascinated him, so his journey started. He tries to look beyond the lens and get into the scene, without distorting reality. He just tries to tell his emotions and take you around the world using his own eyes.

  • Tommaso Nervegna

    Tommaso Nervegna is a Milan based Interactive Art Director, Technical Creative Specialist and Photographer. His work has been featured in several fashion and design magazines.

  • Lene Neverdal

    Lene Neverdal is from the west coast of Norway, and normally lives next to the fjords and the mountains. She is a photographer, teacher and a traveller. After teaching photography to young people for five years, Lene is now having a year off to travel and to be editor for a starting Norwegian travel magazine called “Luftig”.

  • Keven Osborne

    Keven Osborne is a travel photographer for Lonely Planet and Getty Images. He is a freelance commercial and events photographer based in London, Sydney and SE Asia. His portfolio reflects his professional background in the environment sector, capturing the world's natural wonders in their present state. His personal appreciation of geographical beauty and local culture are evident through his realistic approach, which has captivated editors, clients and friends.

  • Mauro Paganelli

    “If a day goes by where I did something related to photography, it's as if I had neglected something essential. And 'as if I had forgotten to wake up.” - Richard Avedon

  • Anthony Pappone

    Anthony Pappone (1979), is a photographer specialized in travel, festival, portrait, reportage, rural, tribes and ceremony photography around the the world.

  • Mimmo Pellicola

    Photographer as a hobby. A passion for travel. Work a necessity.

  • Danny Pemberton

    Danny Pemberton is a compulsive creator; an experienced professional graphic designer with a photographers eye and a writers love of language.

  • Alberto Perer

    Alberto Perer is a natural and cultural operator of the Club Alpino Italiano, currently a member of the Scientific Committee of Veneto and Friuli. He's also a passionate hiker & nature photographer.

  • Jakub Polomski

    Jakub Polomski, born in 1985, is a travel and documentary photographer from Poland. Inspired by photos he saw in an issue of National Geographic, he borrowed a DSLR from a friend and began to work. His adventures with photography started by capturing landscapes, photojournalism, and street and sport photography.

  • Dimitris Poupalos

    Dimitris Poupalos has been nominated for the Hasselblad Masters Award of Photography. He lives in Greece. He shoots the world.

  • Sanjay Pradhan

    Sanjay Pradhan has special interest in travel and sports photography. As he continues to travel and explore the world, he tries to immortalize landscapes, cityscapes, cultures, natives and their enchanting expressions. With his sports photography, he tries to freeze moments of victory and moment of defeat and the varied emotions with each.

  • Simon Reif

    Simon Reif is a freelance Senior User Experience Designer from Hamburg, Germany. His travel and landscape photography focuses on vast landscapes around the world.

  • Anton Repponen

    Anton Repponen is an interaction designer, living & working in New York City and holding the camera since the age of 14.

  • Brice Richard

    Brice Richard started his photographic career quarantined in Shanghai by SARS. An exhibition ensued, followed by another one on Chinese coal miners.

  • Elisa Ritter

    Elisa Ritter is a french artist photographer, currently based in France. She studied fine arts at Henry Moisand and photography at Auguste Lenoir. Her work is a concentrate of human stories, travels, art and nature. She wants to create a dialogue through her pictures to connect people to each other, to the world, because, to her, image stay the best universal media to communicate.

  • Tom Robinson

    Tom Robinson, a London based location and portrait photographer, who finds himself most at home in parts of the world that are nothing like back home.

  • Alessandro Rocchi

    Alessandro Rocchi's biggest source of inspiration is the street and beach. In his photography, he aims to create the taste and the naturalism of everyday life. In his art, he makes sure that there is a vivid touch of life itself.

  • Daniele Romeo

    Traveler and emotions seeker, Daniele Romeo has recently crossed China, Africa, Asia and South America.

  • Suman Roychoudhu

    Suman Roychoudhu was born and raised in Kolkata. He is a Software Engineer by profession and photographer by choice. To me nothing beats travelling with a camera in hand. Landscapes and Street Photography are the 2 aspects I am mostly interested in."

  • Olivier Sabatier

    Based in Paris, France, Olivier Sabatier is currently studying business and philosophy. He often take part to video and photo contests. India is his first experience abroad, and he totally fell in love with this country and its inhabitants. Now, he plan to travel the world moved by my great passions for photography/cinema, and his interest in local people.

  • Sebastian Scholz

    Sebastian Scholz is a curious person, thus he travels a lot of miles in order to gain more knowledge. During these travels around the globe, he's particularly interested in observing detailed interactions between humans or the artifacts of their interaction with the world.

  • Saumil Shah

    Saumil Shah is a wanderer, explorer, hacker, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, kite-flyer, photographer, calligrapher, comic-reader and geek all rolled into one.

  • Jim Shannon

    Jim has travelled and photographed in 42 countries worldwide.

  • Greg Shield

    Greg Shield is a photographer from Sydney, Australia. He usually does street, landscape or travel photography but he also branched out into portraits and weddings.

  • Ashok Sinha

    Ashok Sinha is a photographer based in Manhattan, but he considers the whole wide world to be his home. After graduating from college, he spent a decade of his life constrained inside the cubicles and conference rooms of soulless corporations, until he could no longer bear to contain his creative impulses. Since then, Ashok has worked in more than thirty countries and his photographs have appeared in many magazines and publications, as well as in advertising campaigns for big companies, including some he used to toil for. He has a bag packed and ready for travel on a moment’s notice.

  • Stefan Stammbach

    Stefan likes to explore the world, no matter which distance – far away or the Alps right next to my doorstep. Whereat traveling through the far north of Europe is the cat's meow! Photography is his opportunity to catch moments, tell stories and share them.

  • Slawomir Stepien

    Slawomir Stepien was born in Szczecin, Poland in 1989. He's interested in photography since primary school and from this times it remained his great passion. Most of his works shows landscapes from his travels. Since several years his passion evolved to filming too. Slawomir's the co-founder of the company 24fps – film production where he works on creating adverts & promo videos.

  • Sam Strauss

    Sam Strauss is 28 years old, born in Austria and searching for alternatives in every corner of life. This goes from cycling from Austria to Sardegna with his surfboard on a bike-trailer or looking for new perspectives in the mountains of his beloved home-country Austria. That's what makes his life worth living.

  • Inga Stumpf

    Inga Stumpf is a hobby photographer, freelance texter and horse breeder living in Southeast Iceland, where she runs a small farm and guesthouse together with her husband Step.

  • Roberto Sysa Moiola

    Roberto Sysa Moiola worn in Morbegno (SO), in Valtellina, in 1978, where he still lives surrounded by his beloved Alps. Professional freelance photographer since 2000, he works with the main magazines of the sector concerning mountain landscape, yet not disdaining collaborations related to other aspects of nature and travels.

  • Ingetje Tadros

    Renowned photographer and traveler Ingetje Tadros began a global photographic sojourn at seventeen. Leaving behind her small hometown of Bleiswijk in the Netherlands, she ambitiously set out to travel the planet. Over the course of 30 years of regular travel, she has visited more than 40 countries across six continents, all the while capturing striking images of the world’s tribal people, and of lives and places that exist in relative obscurity. Her photography offers the viewer genuine moments of humanity and stunning expressive form.

  • Dietmar Temps

    Accomplished media designer and photographer Dietmar Temps lives in Cologne, Germany and has amassed almost 20 years in the media business. His first professional position as a photographic assistant took him through Europe and across the pond to America. After that he studied photo and media technology at the Cologne University of Applied Science.

  • Carlina Teteris

    "I want you to hold on to memories that make you smile. I want to inspire you to live spontaneously, to spend more time doing what you love, less time doing what you don’t. Life is an adventure. Life is for exploring, for loving, for laughing, for shedding all responsibilities and inhibitions, for getting lost, being found, for getting lost again: for living."

  • Berta Tilmantaite

    Berta Tilmantaite is a multimedia journalist from Lithuania. For a few months a year she lecturers at the Vilnius University and the rest of her time is dedicated to documentary projects, travels and other sorts of fun on the way, like biking, scuba diving, surfing, etc.

  • Mark Tipple

    Mark Tipple has emerged as a notable documentary photographer over the past 3 years, working closely with organizations seeking social change in Australia and surrounding countries. His progression has seen the formation of Gallery Project, a concept to sell fine art prints and fund further projects of the organisations he works with.

  • Simon Urwin

    Simon Urwin is an award-winning TV executive who now works as a travel & lifestyle photographer. Based in London, he is a regular contributor to Lonely Planet magazine and has a passion for getting on a plane and ‘taking the road less travelled by’.

  • Sietske van de Vegte

    Sietske is a graphic designer based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands working in the capital Amsterdam. Photography has been a passion ever since she picked up a camera when she was 12. Her interests in fanculture, dinosaurs, travel and everything that defies normality make up everything she is today.

  • Anton Varela

    Antón Varela is a photographer based in A Coruña (Spain). In the past twelve years he has trained and worked in various fields of photography, audiovisual and design. In recent times he is mainly dedicated to graphic and web design.

  • Roy del Vecchio

    Roy del Vecchio is a freelance photographer based in Amsterdam. He likes to travel, especially in Asia. It's not the scenery or historical monuments that appeal to him, but what makes the continent: the people. He travels independently and usually goes without a goal on the road, wanders around and talks to people. His photos are a reflections of these experiences.

  • Leander Voets

    Leander Voets is a 24-year old photography hobbyist. During the past four years he has discovered and developed his passion for northern European countries and (severe) winter circumstances. He has been in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway, has experienced temperatures down to -35 °C and has witnessed the Northern Lights several times; all of it has only instigated his passion for photography. Leander has a variety of interests in creative media: photography, graphic design and videography. At the moment he's developing all three of them in an attempt to build up a career in this field.

  • Edson Walker

    A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.

  • Morris Weintraub

    "For me, photography is about turning inspiration into creation. I am continually inspired by the people, places and events that I have the privilege to photograph."

  • John White

    John White is based on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. He specialises in Australian tourism and commercial photography for the South Australian fishing industry.

  • Travis White

    Travis White is an Australian based photographer and Art Director. He combines his love of art, design and travel with a diverse range of photographic and creative projects. Documenting life through his lens, one story at a time.

  • Kay Wiegand

    Kay Wiegand has always been inspired by photography. Since 2010 he lives and works in Berlin, Germany. During his travels, he was able to experience some wonderful times with impressions, which he share to show in his images.

  • Katharina Maria Zimmermann

    Katharina Maria Zimmermann lives in Graz (Austria) as a Copywriter, Freelance Journalist and Blogger. She also forms part of the network les Avignons. Katharina loves to travel the world, to eat good food and to shoot beautiful pictures.

  • Gerald Zinnecker

    Gerald Zinnecker is a German photographer who's passion has taken him to many countries around the world.

  • Peter Zullo

    Peter Zullo is an Italian photographer, (1973) located in Bologna. His first memory of photography is using his father's camera when he was 12. Since then, he continued taking pictures of people and places while traveling to different countries.

  • Bérenger Zyla

    Bérenger Zyla is a web developer. It's what he has studied and has been his daily job for more than five years now, but he has also another activity that started when he was a kid: photography. Bérenger is a kind of semi-professional now.

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