The Lofoten Islands in Norway.


by Ajit Menon

The Lofoten Islands is a gorgeously serene region of Norway, given UNESCO heritage status and thoroughly deserving of it. Even in the dead of winter, this region is relatively temperate in the winter as you explore the licks of the fjords.

The soft light falling in the region is lovely and every once in a while, the craggy landscape breaks with a lovely pool of water, or a smattering of pretty red and yellow cabins. Since fishery is a huge part of life, there are several small harbours around every nook - and of course, rows and rows of fish left out to dry in the open.

Being north of the Arctic Circle, this is also a great place to view the Northern Lights which I was lucky to view on 2 nights. The climate is very variable here - it can be sunny and blue one moment, then it can snow the very next. But all in all, it is a fascinating place to visit.

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