A Photo Essay of the Dolomites in Italy.


by Alberto Perer

Stars at the Dolomites.
In September 2013, I went for a trip on the Torre di Pisa refuge at 2.671m, located on the Latemar mountain range, region Trentino, above the Fiemme Valley. The Latemar is an impressive rock amphitheater and from its peaks you to have a broad view of all the peaks in the distance. As other Dolomite mountains, the Latemar was formed many millions of years ago in a marine context. That night, an extraordinary tide of clouds over the valleys gave the impression of an island in the middle of the sea! There was no light coming from the moon and the stars appeared in all their beauty. In the morning, the peaks looked like cliffs on the sea and when the sun rises the show was extraordinary. Lake Carezza is located at the foot of the North side of Latemar and is one of the most popular lakes in the Dolomites.

The Glacier of Mt. Antelao.
On August 2013, I took some picture on the Antelao mountain range in the Cadore Valley for a work with my friends of the Veneto Scientific Committee of the Club Alpino Italiano. I created the shots through the combination of three vertical shots taken from the Forcella del ghiacciaio at 2.584m. This allows you to see a complete overview of the entire Antelao’s upper glacier.

Colors and stars on the Pale di San Martino.
Last winter, in February, I was coming down from a hike to Mt.Col Margherita in Trentino and just after sunset when the stars lit up, I paused near the Passo Valles to take a shoot of the North chain of the Pale di San Martino massif. You can see the magic of the colors of alpine glow in the starry sky!

The Val Canali.
The green and bucolic Val Canali is located in the southern area of the Pale di San Martino. Vast pastures and coniferous forest covered the sides of the valley. It’s a typical landscape for the Dolomites with the amphitheater of peaks that dominates the valley.

Sunset on the Catinaccio Massif (the Rosengarten).
Near the Bolzano refuge at 2.457m, on the Sciliar’s plateau, I waited for the sunset on the Catinaccio mountain range. When the sun set, the magical pink-orange color of the alpine glow painted the meadows and peaks all around. The “Enrosadira” is one of the main characteristics of the Catinaccio massif; this term means “becoming pink color” and the phenomenon is due to the composition of the rock walls of the Dolomites.

Sunrise at the Dolomites.
The first day of the year 2014, I was outside the Ciareido refuge above the plateau of Pian dei Buoi, on the Cadore’s Dolomites, to see the first sunrise. The sun came up behind the Friulian Dolomites and with its rays of light colored the entire valley.

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