Diverse Russia.


by Alexei Mikhailov

Russia is a very diverse country. There are megalopolises, cities, towns and villages, dark woods, ancient mountains, volcanoes, swamps, rivers and lakes. The country is so large that it'll need a thick tome to write about.

I live in Yekaterinburg – the city in the center of the Ural Mountains, the ridge that divides Eurasia into Europe and Asia. Ural's nature varies – one can find both dark swamps and high rocky mountains. All of my photos are taken in Yekaterinburg outskirts at different seasons.

In addition to its nature's beauty, the Ural Mountains are interesting because of the Buddhist monastery Shad Tchup Ling – the only Buddhist complex between Caspian Sea and Lake Baikal. Monks live at the top of Kachkanar mountain among firs and pines. It is really wonderful place and it is worth to visit.

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