Travelling the African Continent.


by Andreas Jakwerth , 2012

I visited Ghana in March 2012 and travelled around the country with a friend who is a journalist based in Hamburg.

Since she was already in the country, I figured it would be nice to take the chance and have a look at the African continent (it was my first time travelling to Africa). We skyped a couple times on what kind of stories we should lay our focus and of course a travel story was included in the plan.

Ghana is unlike a place I have seen until now, the people are really nice - except when you take pictures of them :) -, friendly and welcoming. Nature is not the best I have seen so far, but never have I been so focused on the people during any of my travels. Everybody talks to you and shows interest and that really was the best part of the trip.

We travelled the entire country, starting in its capital Accra, then off to the beaches in the west. After that we took a 24hour ferry ride over Lake Volta (the biggest man-made lake in the world) before heading to the most northern part where we did a story on illegal gold mining before we headed back home to Europe.

As said earlier: I don't recommend Ghana for neither its landscape nor its food but for the very people living there!

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  1. Frederik Van der Linden

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Cordei C

    Thanks for these great shots. Ghana is my home. I have not been back in a while, alas. Your photos make everything come alive again. You even captured an old time “tro-tro” – those vehicles have more or less disappeared from the roads. Ghanaians are indeed very hospitable but I don’t agree with you about the food. Perhaps you missed out on the really tasty dishes!

    Very nice albums – keep travelling!

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