The Diversity of Mali.


by Anthony Pappone

You'll find many different ethnic groups in Mali: Bozo, Fulani, Bambara, Malinke, Tuareg, Dogon. I photographed the culture and ancient traditions of some of these tribes during visit.

Music for the Malians is very important, therefore I participated in the music festival on the Niger river. I saw the life in small villages on the shores of the river, I walked through the alleys of the city Djenne with its majestic mosque in mud. I spent some days with the Pays Dogon, people who come from the stars, with their animist religion and the cult of the masks.

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  1. Barbara Paul

    Anthony, your photos are truly magnificent. I love to do this type of tribal photography and festivals also, and I am planning to go to Festima this year. But I would like to ask you please if it is so crowded there that it is very difficult to take photos of the dancing. Must you have seats, or can you get close to the masks either while they are dancing or in informal venues. I would really appreciate your feedback on this and thank you very much for it.

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