Nepal, my second home country.


by Anton Jankovoy

The last several years I have lived in Nepal technically speaking, having spent around 4-6 months out of the whole year there. And I have my own reasons for that:

- Firstly: I’ve always loved mountains - There were some moments when it was my dream to be amongst mountains. Nepal is also the only country in the world with the highest mountains; eight of the fourteen eight-thousanders (metres), including Everest (8.850 m). The Himalayas spread from the East to the West, with the average altitudes of 6.000 metres and I think they're most beautiful mountains on the planet.

- Secondly: Nepal is the motherhood of many spiritual teachings and religions that have captured my interest in recent years (including the Lord Gautama Buddha, who was born in Lumbini, Nepal).

- Thirdly: I’m interested in untouched nature and the places on Earth that have not been influenced by globalisation, regions that have preserved the nature, the culture and tradition of the local native people. For thousands of years Nepal had been a rather “closed” country because of the remoteness of the region, and still some regions are closed today to the modern Western civilisation. The first visitors came to Nepal only about 60 years ago, and it became “open” to foreigners only in the 1970s when hippies discovered it. Pokhara, the second biggest city of Nepal, was considered a “hippie” capital in the 70s. It’s a real paradise on Earth with beautiful views over the Annapurna Himalayan Range.

This is what makes Nepal really special in my heart.

5 Responses to “Anton Jankovoy”

  1. pilar

    Many thanks Anton for sharing your beautiful pictures, thoughts and experiences as a traveller. Also for spreading the wonders of such an amazing country like Nepal. Cheers from Spain.

  2. Bijaya Ghimire

    This is what makes Nepal really special in my heart. I am friend with Anton on Facebook and I enjoy his picture updates but from today I know what is in his heart.

  3. Andre Belikov

    Это просто признание в любви Непалу ;). Хотелось бы мне увидеть эту красоту.
    It’s just a love Nepal ;). I’d like to see its beauty.

  4. Natalia

    Я тоже полюбила такой светлый, добрый, духовный, горный,разнообразный,разноцветный,Непал.
    Спасибо за удовольствие восхищения!
    I also fell in love with such a bright, kind, spiritual, rock, diverse, colorful, Nepal. Thank you for the pleasure of admiration!

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