A Trip Around Iceland.


by Antón Varela

My trip around Iceland was exactly that. I literally travelled around the island, following the coast line. I started and finished the two-week trip in Reykjavik, in the company of my girlfriend Alba.

We drove along the Route 1 most of the time, but we also took secondary roads to get to some of the hidden places we were interested in. We passed along different territories. From breathtaking mountain landscapes to real deserts of lava. From bleak plains to glaciers. From small villages to volcanoes. Iceland has everything!

I felt deeply moved by this land, surrounded by so spectacular natural environment. Aesthetically distant from any familiar landscapes, its eerie nature parted me from any reality I was used to.

I really enjoyed the trip. In fact, I would love to come back and explore each lake, valley, village or fjord again. And I am sure I will do some day.

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