37 Days in Cameroon.


by Bérenger Zyla , 2011

This trip occurred in May-June 2011, as I was moving from France to Canada.

Cameroon is one of the countries that requires a long time to be truly discovered. From the ocean to the desert in the North, you will come across very different cities, people and cultures, from citizens of Douala to Peul tribes living in the mountains, away from any form of modernity.

There are amazing places near the Atlantic Ocean, like the traditional city of Kribi, where you will eat fish cooked directly in the kitchens of the port, or the more touristic Limbe with lots of comfortable hotels. But everywhere, the landscapes and beaches are genuine and mind-blowing. If you’re in the mood for adventure, you can climb Mount Cameroon in a two-day trek. This summit is a remarkable dormant volcano, and known to be the highest peak in Western Africa.

Further North the beautiful Mount Manengouba rises, where you have the possibility to meet Peul tribes, living according to the Sun’s course, with no electricity, running water or any "modern gadget".

Even further North, in Foumban - also knows as the «City of Arts», you step into the world of the best artisans of the country: women who press palm oil in the old-fashioned way, sculptors, bronze founders, potters, tissue or ceramic pearls weavers and many more… This city is a must-see.

I could talk about Cameroon for hours (the safaris, the desert, the primary forests, the … ), but to sum up, it's a country you will want to re-visit as soon as you leave it!

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