by Berta Tilmantaite

Himalaya is femme fatale, like a mother or a lover, embracing and raising, taking care of you, challenging and rewarding, letting you go and then waiting for you to come back. Because you definitely will.

Me and two of my friends spent three weeks in stunning mountains of Nepal. We started our adventure this April, from a village named Shivalaya; we hiked up to Goyo lake then reached Everest Base Camp, climbed Mountain Kalla Pathat (5.550m) - which was the highest point of our trip - and went down to Lukla, from were we took a small plane in one of the most dangerous and scary airports back to Kathmandu.

While hiking up Kalla Pathat, the sun started to set from behind Mount Everest or Chomolungma (in Tibetan), or Sagarmatha (in Nepalese Sherpa language), which means "The Mother Goddess of Earth". It was a breath taking view, which made you feel very strong and incredibly small at the same time.

As I have never been hiking before, it was a tough challenge. But every drop of sweat and every minute of ache in all parts of the body was totally worth it. We went from 1.700m up to 5.550m, crossed all four seasons, met a lot of smiling local people, walked through green woods and stone valleys, ate local dishes and were stoked of beautiful landscapes every day.

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