The Roof of the World. Tibet.


by Berta Tilmantaite

Tibet was a sad and painful place to visit. It seems that China is doing very well while destroying its unique culture and turning it into just one of many other provinces of its own. Tibetans look like lost in time – they don’t manage to catch up with all the changes and just keep on walking, whispering mantras and spinning praying wheels.

I was traveling in Tibet for one week, May 2013, crossing the border from Nepal and going to Lhasa. The landscape was stunning – beautiful mountains, green rivers, small temples and praying flags waving in the wind.

In the countryside Tibetans still live nomadic life like many years ago, wandering around for a few months with their animals. They still wear their traditional outfits and pray, pray a lot.

Meanwhile in the cities, there are more Chinese people than Tibetans, as Chinese government encourages Hans (the biggest Chinese ethnic group) and others to move to Tibet and start their business there. Tibetans are left behind in their own land.

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