A Stunning Country in East Africa.


by Bianca Cash

Tanzania is located on the East coast of Africa. Known for it's beautiful, varying landscapes and fascinating wildlife, Tanzania offers incredible safari opportunities.

While being on safari is like nothing else I have experienced, my main reason for traveling to the other side of the world, was to volunteer at a small school and also visit my sponsored children. Words can not express the feeling of meeting a sponsored child. I hope to never forget these moments.

My first visit to Tanzania was in late 2010. It captured my heart and less than a year later I was back to volunteer at a small school in Arusha. It won't be my last visit.

3 Responses to “Bianca Cash”

  1. Bianca

    Thanks so much, Carl : )
    It has stolen a piece of my heart – as corny as that sounds!

  2. Sandra

    The world is tiny. I live in Colorado but Arusha is my hometown and Tanzania will always be my home. Stumbling upon your site literally just made my day. The smiles you’ve captured express finding magic in every day. <3

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