Bangladesh is nothing for the faint-hearted traveler.


by Bojidar Dimitrov , 2014

Bangladesh is nothing for the faint-hearted traveler, but if you know and love India, you’ll be absolutely amazed by Bangladesh! A foreign visitor here is still a rare sight, so everyone will want to see you, talk with you and shake your hand.

The two weeks that my girlfriend and I spent in Bangladesh in late 2014 were more intense and more rewarding than almost any other trip we’ve ever done. This is one the poorest and most densely populated countries on the planet, so Bangladeshis are not used to have much of a private sphere.

Just two steps after exiting the airport you are swallowed by an ocean of people, each one with a touching human story. You might feel a bit uncomfortable at first with everyone staring at you from close proximity or people in the bus or train almost sitting in your lap. But at the same time you are rewarded with uncountable memorable encounters all over the country.

We spent most of our time in Old Dhaka and Chittagong, both bustling conglomerates of people, markets, rickshaws, animals, buildings and electrical cables. But we also visited the countryside, which is very beautiful and amazingly open, green and peaceful.

PS: Many photographers would love to photograph the ship-breaking yards in Chittagong, but trust me: you won’t have much luck. Just five years ago you could go almost anywhere and photograph to your heart’s content, but now there are high fences and fierce guards. If this is the only reason you want to visit, you’ll probably be disappointed.

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