Flores: A Journey of Middle-Earth Magnitude.


by Carlina Teteris

I’ve always been drawn to Flores; it had held an exotic allure in my mind. After two days of over land travelling from the more accessible island of Lombok, I finally stepped on Flores soil in the Western port town Labuan Bajo. I was struck with the realization that during years of dreaming of visiting Flores, I had failed to do any research on where to go or what to see once I arrived. The only thing I really knew for sure was that hobbits came from Flores.

While I didn’t make contact with any hobbits, the island certainly had its share of other Middle-Earth qualities. Tracking the infamous Komodo dragons in their natural habitat was certainly a highlight of the journey, especially as we came at a time where the creatures were feeling particularly docile.

During my journey across the island by bus, boat and hitchhiking in an odd fish-delivery truck, I wasn't disappointing with my expectations of the exotic lands. The island has been bestowed with the most romantic features, and would charm even the most well-travelled wanderers: immaculate beaches; steep, misty mountains; volcanoes; pristine jungles, dense with exotic spices; crystal clear rivers; and wonderfully social locals who greet you as warm and family.

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  1. Nadine Baumann

    What an inspiration you are Carlina!
    You are living the dream and you are an awesome photographer!

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