Discovering 'The Lakes'.


by Dennis Fischer , 2010

The English Lake District was my travel destination of choice in October 2010. I saw beautiful photos from there on a photographer’s blog and decided to visit this place during the autumn season. With its lakes, rivers, mountains, woods, green hills and even the sea, the Lake District National Park covers a lot of themes for landscape photography.

The whole area is easily accessible by car and can also be explored on foot. There are a lot of hiking and walking paths where you can spend hours and days of walking. There are around 20 bigger and dozens of smaller lakes and every single one of them has its own charm. Even when daylight is gone some of the tarns make a beautiful scene for night active photographers.

In general I’d recommend this area to anyone who is into hiking, photographing or just exploring beautiful landscapes. This area shows many faces of the landscapes you can find in the whole UK so if you want to get a basic experience you could just start there.

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