A Couple of Weeks in Senegal.


by Drew Echberg

In late 2008/early 2009 I spent a couple of months in Morocco before travelling overland through Western Sahara and Mauritania to Senegal.

I spent a few weeks in Senegal and then travelled on to Mali, where I spent a month. I had previously travelled a lot in South America but this was my first (and so far still my only) trip to Africa. I found my time in West Africa to be very challenging, exhausting, rewarding and fun. Travelling in West Africa on a tight budget isn't easy going (not great food and some rather uncomfortable travel and accommodation) but I met great people, saw a lot of interesting places and experienced a culture unlike any other I had known. In terms of photography it was great.

The variety of subject matter is astounding. I hope to return to that part of the world again at some stage. These images were taken in Saint Louis, Dakar, Cap Skirring and Kedougou.

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