On A Creole Rhythm.


by Elisa Ritter

Located on the Caribbean archipelago, this island of a thousand treasures can enchant you during your first visit.
Despite growing urbanization of Grande Terre, there are still unhidden natural resources on Basse-Terre, where the flora and fauna are lush.

Nature is generous and cloaks us with its plants, trees with disproportionate dimensions, protective and mesmerizing, nature offers us little havens of peace, like waterfalls and hot-springs, hidden on volcanic lands, deep in the rain forest.

The Caribbean wants a peaceful life, a cosmopolitan microcosm in which it is good to live. The pleasures are simple but multiple in Guadeloupe: to eat a bokit, to enjoy a good cassava or eat a coconut sorbet, to sip sugar cane juice on the beautiful beaches that are slowly caressed by the turquoise blue waters, to discover the Caribbean atmosphere that animates the streets and features warm colors or to drink ti'punch in the company of fishermen back from sea.
Above all, I enjoyed the time I got evicted for exploring la Désirade, a small island located a few kilometers east of Grande Terre here, time seems to stand still, the old Guadeloupe, where the culture and way of life have not been too adversely affected by globalization. After sleeping several days on the Grande Anse beach, lulled by the rhythm of the waves, I rediscovered a calm that was dear to me. The welcome of the inhabitants of this island was very warm and I would never know how to say thank you to these people with such big hearts. People are closer, more united and able to help each other. Humans were never meant to live in a world of individualism or over crowdedness, they need exchange, to be listened to and contact.

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