Seven Days Of Driving In Ireland.


by Emily Berger

It's no secret that Ireland is considered to be one of the great travel destinations for people all around the world. All it takes is seven days in a car driving around the country to understand why.

Zooming along on tiny roads lined with stone walls you see sheep and cows against a backdrop of the moon-like rock covered Burren, or the sweeping views of cliffs and Atlantic Ocean. Abandoned Castles and roofless monasteries are commonplace and go unnoticed by the locals; sitting amongst moss covered rocks and trees in ancient forests or National Parks. A one hour drive coming from the coast will take you to sprawling and hilly farmland and then again into mountains. Ireland has a knack for convincing you daily that you've seen the best place in the whole country until the next day when you see something else drastically different from the previous day. All it takes to top it is a 15 minute drive in any other direction.

After my seven day road trip touring Ireland people kept asking me what my favorite part about the trip was, and I simply have no answer. It's impossible to choose and so incredibly unique in it's beauty that you can only understand it by looking at it. There are no words, only images....

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  1. Oliver

    Seems like my memory just went on a wee hitch-hiking trip, so thanks for taking us along! :)

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