The East, The West and The Middle.


by Emily Berger

The selection of photos here is a broad overview of my various travels in the U.S. Whether it's for work, for pleasure, a day trip or a vacation, I try to soak up my surroundings everywhere I go, observing the uniqueness yet also the sameness of the places I've been. Each town, city or state has an individuality that sets itself apart from other places, yet has a familiarity that comes from traveling within the country I'm from. However no matter where I am, there's one thing I search for and that's stillness; a moment of quiet and calm.

From California to Massachusetts, they're documentations of where I've been and where I want to go, of things that are comforting to me as well as new. I simply love photographing new places, seeing the oft-overlooked. They include photos of my hometown in Michigan that I lived in for 21 years, to the town of Ocean Grove, New Jersey that I spent only a couple of hours in.

In 50 years these photos will remind me of the places I've traveled to and the things I've seen. No matter how simple, it was something new, satisfying that constant sense of wanderlust.

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  1. Kerry Ascione

    Hi Emily, I recognized your photo of Ocean Grove, New Jersey immediately. I love that little Victorian seaside town and have spent a lot of time there. It’s like a throwback from an earlier era; especially every 4th of July, when they have the most charming old fashioned parade. Unfortunately, the boardwalk and fishing pier were both destroyed during Hurricane Sandy last October, 2013. They will be rebuilt, I’m sure.

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