A Peaceful Side of Afghanistan: The Wakhan Corridor.


by Frédéric Lagrange

The Wakhan Corridor is a vast stretch of land located in the Eastern part of Afghanistan, which is home to both the Wakhi and Khyrghiz ethnic minorities, each living on a different side of this arm of land.

During the Soviet War, a road was built along the corridor mainly for communication and supply delivery purposes, but because of the extremely difficult and mountainous terrain, the construction was stopped midway through, and the far end of the corridor was never connected with the main road. Therefore, to reach the end of the corridor, a five-day trek is required at an altitude of 14,000 feet, to get to Lake Chaqmaqtin and the Khyrghiz settlements. Due to it’s extreme location, and harsh conditions, the Wakhan Corridor has not seen any Taliban presence and little conflict in recent years.

This portfolio was shot in late Winter of 2012 along this very road and trekking path, the goal being to capture a portrait of this tough expedition, it’s breathtaking landscape, and of the two main ethnic communities living there, in peaceful but extreme conditions in this rugged corner of Afghanistan.

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