The Beauty of East Greenland.


by Gerald Zinnecker , 2009

After people have always raved about the beauty of East Greenland and I came across an affordable ticket with Air Iceland, it was clear that by June this year that I would finally also explore the East of Greenland.

After flights from Frankfurt to Oslo and further on to Reykjavik, I reached Kulusuk in Greenland. Another flight with Air Greenland to Tasiilaq still stood before me, but first some details about Kulusuk:

The walk through the town turned out to be a bit more difficult than expected since there was still a lot of snow. The place is very manageable though with only 300 residents and I enjoyed it. In the afternoon a hotel employee brought me to a lookout point and gave me a hint where I could best see arctic foxes.

The flight to Tasiilaq only took about 10 minutes. The view was amazing and it was one of those flights that could have taken much longer. Tasiilaq is the only major city in East Greenland with about 2.000 inhabitants and it's protected by mountains on a fjord. Due to the location, a steady up and down the mountain was the case and therefore my condition improved sensationally.

The weather was gorgeous, the environment great, I did amazing hikes, and the boat excursion to the impressive icebergs stunned me. The doggies were sweet and the local pub was an interesting meeting point for the alcohol-loving locals. Yes, I truly had a great stay.

4 Responses to “Gerald Zinnecker”

  1. Virginia

    I’d love to see Greenland too. Maybe one day… :)

  2. Carla Mota

    The pictures that you have here are from Kulusuk or Tasiilaq? Which place you prefered? Thanks

  3. Gerald

    Thank you for comments!

    I prefer Tasiilaq, Kulusuk is very small.

    The shots are from:

    1.) Kulusuk (the blue building, the Hotel)
    2.) Tasiilaq
    3.) Kulusuk
    4.) taken during the flight between the towns
    5.) Tasiilaq
    6.) Kulusuk
    7.) Tasiilaq

    Best regards

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