People of Himalayan Mountains.


by Gianmarco Meroni

For travelers Nepal is a paradise on earth. Wedged between the Himalayas and the jungles of the India’s plains, is the land of the yak and the yeti, of the monasteries and the mantra, of the peaks of the world and Sherpas. Nepal has always exercised a mystical charm of every mountains lover: the number of trekkers and climbers, eager to experiment with the highest peaks in the world. Adding to the beautiful landscapes there is the kindness of Nepal’s people: they are the most friendly and amazing people you could ever meet: with an astonishing physical strength, they have a great sprit and possess an unforgettable hospitality.

When you decide to organize a trip in Nepal you have to choose which region you want visit and which mountain you want climb. I choose the Annapurna area, which is located in the north-western Nepal, has the best trekking routes in the world and offers the opportunity to meet many different ethnic groups. The best period for trekking in Nepal is autumn between the end of September and the end of November. Unfortunately I was there in August and I understood very well the strength of the monsoon because I had to deal with it every day. Here rain can’t stop life: long this paths I met a lot of people with a big smile carrying big baskets full of food on the top of those 8000mt mountains.

People here are just amazing!

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  1. G. Meroni

    Nope Fox, there is not HDR in my work! All shots are Single exposure with Lee filters ;)

    Have a nice day!

  2. kay

    Good shots of the people, but the two landscapes are really awesome.

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