Immersion in the Himalayas.


by Ivan Kozorezov

Can we really speak about «immersion» in respect to the greatest mountains in the world?

Yet, we often, without a second thought, say «deep in the mountains» referring the highest peaks and the deepest canyons. Anyone, who has experienced a journey hight in the mountains at least once in his life, will be able to understand what I mean. Again and again we feel overwhelmed with the gamut of powerful emotions as at the very first contact with this larger-than-life creation of the magnificent and untamed nature.

And indeed, the seeminghly tranquil mountains with the constantly changing kaleidoscope of unique images and flaming colors, gently plunge us in absolutely new state of serenity, a state of mind free from vanity of our hyper-dynamic world.

For me, Nepal is a true heaven - every turn of every trail, every morning of every evening give you a gift of a new unique exposure, shooting angles, and images. The small country is so rich with the great variety of its fantastic nature; it’s filled with the monuments of ancient culture, well-preserved diversity of everyday life, customs and traditions of its multinational population. Immerse in Nepal once - and it will never let you go.

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