Rwanda - A Great Inspiration.


by Izla Kaya Bardavid

Rwanda is described by many as the “African miracle”. The small green country has gone from horrors of genocide where some 800.000 people were killed within only 100 days, to a country with development proceeding rapidly in the cities.

I visited Rwanda two times in eight months to follow a HIV/AIDS program, and both times this beautiful and mountainous country inspired me. I also learned the power of forgiving and moving forward leaving the past behind.

In Rwanda huts have mosquito nets and tin roofs, cows are distributed to families, and education is improving. And I was highly impressed with their commitment for environment management. Cities are very clean, well organized and safe to go around. If you weren't aware of the history you would never think that genocide took place on the streets you walk on.

And by the way, to sit in a nest with gorillas is just breathtaking! Especially when they fart!

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