At the first sight – I fell in love with Karamoja.


by Izla Kaya Bardavid

This is Uganda’s land for warrior nomads. For many years it has been an isolated area. Everyone, including the LRA (The Lord’s Army) feared going there. This also kept tourists, humanitarian agencies and others away. Things have changed, and today it’s relatively peaceful. However there are great needs.

For many years Karamoja has been a dream destination for me. I was happy to finally go there during a photo workshop I held for NGO staff. One photo moment I won’t forget was when we visited a manyatta (village) and the whole sky darkened. My colleagues ran to the car. As they approached me, I ran away like a fool, with my camera in my hand. The sun was setting, rain was pouring, a huge rainbow crossed the whole sky, and I was surrounded by handsome Karamojong boys in their traditional clothes and with their sticks in their hands. I got a complete shower, my camera as well, but it was definitely worth it.

I already look forward to go back!

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