3 Days at the End of the World | Patagonia.


by Jakub Polomski , 2011

My journey to Argentina took place in February 2011. The journey was the prize of a photography contest. We (me and 3 other contest winners) were in Patagonia only for 5 days, but these days were extremely busy. During our entire stay in Patagonia we had warm and sunny weather without any rain showers. We were told by our guides that we are very lucky because such long periods of good weather occur there only 2-3 times per year.

We stayed in El Calafate and we had 3 whole days to travel to Perito Moreno glacier, El Chalten, and Torres del Paine (Chile).

Perito Moreno glacier is one of the most visited attraction in Patagonia. It is also one of a few glaciers in the world that still expand. On Perito Moreno there are organized guided trekking tours through the ice field which let you “feel” the glacier even stronger. El Chalten is a Mecca for climbers from all around the world because of two distinctive summits - Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy. This is why the atmosphere in town is quite special. You can see people with equipment going to or returning from mountains everywhere. Some of them wait several hundred days for good weather to ascend one of the world's most difficult mountains.

Torres del Paine is the national park located in Chile. It is also a name of 3 mountain-towers, which are the symbol of the park. In 1978 The park was designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. With its spectacular Cordillera del Paine mountain group and many lakes of different sizes at their feet it is the most beautiful park I have ever been to.

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  1. Adrian Albarracin

    Excelentes fotos! Captan toda la belleza de mi Argentina querida, Saludos!

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