Finding Myself in Havana.


by Jens Lennartsson

You might think that you have an idea about what Havana is like. But unless you've been there, you don't have a clue. For people that have nothing, they have an awful lot to give.

Night after night, I walked around between the worn houses in Habana Centro. I fell in love with the pace, the heavy light from the street lights and the thick smell of gasoline from all the American 'Yank Tanks' rolling through the streets.

The first time I arrived in Cuba, I was looking for something in my life. I wasn't sure what and what I had to do to find it, but pretty quickly I realized that Havana was the place where I was going to find it.

As the days passed, it was made clear to me that the most important things in life isn't money or physical belongings...

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  1. Sivan

    What a great collection. and what a fun website he has. Thanks for sharing

  2. Feli

    wow so many travel information and so many nice pictures on your website. I planned to go to Mexico and Cuba for my last trip but ended up in Asia again… Next time!

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