A Local Explorer Down Under.


by John White

The south coast of South Australia is wild and remote and is the home of the Great White Shark. The sharks can be seen in the wild at Neptune Islands which is a two hour boat trip south of Eyre Peninsula. I’ve had the privilege of sailing about the Southern Ocean and love the clean sea air. I will never tire of the changing weather and dramatic light you experience while at sea.

The northern part of South Australia is flat and dry. The inner desert country has unique wildlife including the wedge tail eagle and kangaroo.
Most Australians have taken the road trip from Southern Australia to central Australia to visit Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Uluru and Kata Tjulta are both sacred sites to the indigenous aboriginals of Central Australia and it’s easy to understand why once you’ve experienced mystique of them. I was lucky to see a full moon setting over Kata Tjuta while I was there.

I did the road trip to central Australia in winter as it would have been too hot during summer. The drive consisted of many hours of flat straight road with the occasional road sign warning of kangaroos on the highway.

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