Explore Lofoten.


by Jonas Jacobsson

The trip to Lofoten began on a somewhat random note, like many of my travels do.

I saw an image of, what I felt, this magical place last spring (2014) and instantly knew that I must go wherever this was. It took me some time to figure out where it was shot, but when I finally did find out that the photo portrayed the magical Kjerkfjorden in Lofoten, Norway, I booked a flight immediately. Extremely thankful that I did that.

The summer days that I spent in Lofoten was without a doubt one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. The never setting sun, untouched nature and raw mountains made for an enchanted combination. Climbing up Reinebringen is an adventure that will only take you a couple of hours but giving you memories that will last a lifetime.

Wandering around in Lofoten makes you wonder how this place came about, what made the mountains look that way. There is something about the nature of Lofoten that makes it completely unique. All seasons are beautiful here and I intend to return many more times.

The trip actually took us to many places around Norway, resulting in the naming of the photographic series to "Explore Norway" which you can read more about over at my Exposure-profile.

If there is one place you must go to before your time is up, it is Lofoten.

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    Awesome pictures….Norway has always been my dream destination…
    You have captured the beauty of Lofoten Island really well….

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