Beach Paradise.


by Justin Evidon , 2013

Far up along the Pacific coast of northern Nicaragua sits the quaint fishing village of Jiquilillo. Separated from the paved highway by a treacherous dirt track riddled with potholes, this is not the kind of community you would accidentally stumble upon. If you make the effort to get here, you are rewarded with a beach that carries on for miles with almost no other tourists in sight. As the beach reaches north out of the village you begin to approach the mouth of the Padre Ramos, the largest mangrove reserve in central America. Even further north is Cosigüina, an inactive volcano that provides an aerial perspective on El Salvador and Honduras.

Each night, dozens of fishermen push out their brightly-colored boats past the waves, spending all night out in the ocean. I spent almost two weeks in this area in January 2013 enjoying the sunshine, and to be expected, there was plenty as a photographer to capture throughout each day. Yet it was during those moments at dawn and dusk with its rich, deep colors when you could barely believe how stunning the world around you was no matter which direction you looked.

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