Eat, Surf and Live in Cornwall’s Best Corners.


by Katharina Maria Zimmermann

It seems long ago since I stepped on Cornwall’s beautiful soil for the first time. It was a fin-de-university trip with my colleague and now co-author Vera Bachernegg. We wanted to celebrate the things that had been and those that were yet to come. What we found was – at least at first – quite astonishing: The landscape with all the bewildering black cliffs, vast sandy beaches and the rolling, sheep-spotted hills met our expectations. But the people, their attitude, their love for their country, the climate and the possibilities the Cornish nature offers, exceeded everything we’d expected not only from Cornwall, but from Britain all together.

We both studied English and American Literature & Culture, so we were familiar with the British culture and amenities and yet what happened to us in Cornwall hit us unexpectedly. We met plenty of surfers who might have started surfing before they even started to walk. We met fishermen and chefs who knew their métier and bewitched us with creations that were the best and freshest seafood we had eaten till then. We met optimistic souls who created their own cafés, B&Bs or Hotels and simply loved every single day – rain or shine! Well, and somewhere in between meeting these enriching people, wandering at the nearest beach and dreaming in our little cottage, an idea was born.

We wanted to write a book about it. A travel companion. A dear friend on a long journey. And so we came up with Eat Surf Live – our first and unique travel book that we created for the German market. These photos are just a small glimpse of what we encountered in the south-western corner of Britain. But still they make me home-sick to see the sea and my beloved Cornwall again.

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