A Road Trip Through South Africa.

South Africa

by Keven Osborne , 2010

Going to South Africa with three friends for 4 weeks during the 2010 FIFA World Cup to follow England… how much could one see of the country? The answer is lots!

Road-tripping from Rustenburg, NW of Jo’burg, to Cape Town, via Durban and the Eastern Cape Coastline, and back again to Port Elizabeth we experienced some of the magical things South Africa has got to offer. Beautiful people, wine, surf, wildlife, coastal and interior landscapes, culture, history… it really is a marvellous country.

For four white boys driving around on their own it felt very safe too. Everywhere we went we were greeted with hospitality and friendliness.

We scratched barely the surface of this great country and I definitely look forward to having the opportunity of returning to South Africa one day.

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