A visit to an orphanage in Romania.


by Lene Neverdal

On a road less travelled, in the eastern part of Romania in a small town called Botosani, I spent some days at an orphanage.

Already when stepping on the train in Budapest, I felt like we were “off the beaten track”. 18 hours later, arriving in Botosani, we were met by curious people with big eyes. In the big crowd, two friendly men from the orphanage were waiting for us.

When we arrived, we got to know the children. We helped them with homework and arranging an evening with barbeque and fun. We also travelled around in the area, helped families with clothes and food. The people were truly friendly. 
The nature in Romania is also beautiful. We went hiking in fields of gold, massive and rocky mountains, while looking at hills far, far away and old castles in the horizon.

Romania is a lovely and different travel destination. The country is full of great contrasts both when it comes to nature and peoples way of life.

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