On A Road Trip Through The Scottish Highlands.


by Martin Dudek

It took us one week to get back to Glasgow, the starting point of a weeklong road trip north to see the Scottish Highlands. The benefit of leaving unprepared to camp in the wild for seven nights and being on a budget is firstly the excitement and you quickly start to value the little things you bring: waterproof tent, axe, gasoline and two people you get along with.

Being on this road trip made me realize that I haven’t been in non-urban areas for a while now and the Scottish Highlands are a great place to escape hectic and intensity of city life. Since it is allowed to camp anywhere you want (wild camping is allowed on most unenclosed land), we put up the tent in the ruins of ancient castles, on hills with magnificent views and on beaches. The Scottish Highlands have it all.

Some of the places we have visited are really remote and the challenges of everyday life are much different than mine. Organizing a shopping trip to the nearest town, doctor’s appointments or going to school are combined with a significant effort as I have been told by the citizens of Glenelg, a village with a population of 291. During summer it is connected with the Isle of Skye by the last manually operated turnable ferry in Scotland. I still remember the advise of a paramedic I met, who told me that sometimes it takes him two hours to get to an emergency patient: “It’s not a good place to have a heart attack”.

While driving through the Highlands I did believe him. For hours and hours on the road we haven’t seen any other car and during the whole week we came across only two traffic lights. The Scottish Highlands are a great place to take a step back, calm down with a glass of omnipresent and highly valued whisky and forget about busy schedules. Instead there is an abundance of occasions to enjoy the breathtaking scenery: jagged mountains, castles, plenty of typical lochs (the gaelic word for lake), remote beaches, light towers and millions of sheep.

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