Nature On Steroids.


by Mathew Dodos , 2012

As a huge fan of Icelandic music, I'd been wanting to visit for years and explore the landscapes that had inspired such unique sounds. So after two years of living from a backpack it seemed like a fitting place for one last adventure before heading home.

I spent a month camping, hiking and hitching my way around this incredible island. One day walking over rainbow coloured geothermal mountains, the next a moss covered paradise glowing under a midnight sunset. Right from the beginning I was amazed at how much natural beauty and diversity was packed into this special place.

A lagoon filled with a thousand icebergs. Isolated fjords teaming with puffins, whales and crazy sheep. Giant glaciers covering active volcanoes, feeding fairytale waterfalls. A desert of black volcanic ash and oddly shaped rocks. It felt like I was visiting a different planet every day.

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