Jaws (Pe'ahi) | Riding Giants on the North Shore of Maui.


by Mats Forssell

The lush but rugged north shore of Maui is home to a number of world famous surf breaks. Despite surf spots like Honolua Bay and Ho'okipa, the most spectacular one is without doubt a beautiful but rough place three miles east of the small town of Paia. Here breaks the legendary Jaws. First found by windsurfers in the 1980's, and today the home of big wave riding and the birthplace of tow-in surfing.

With the majestic Haleakala volcano behind our backs, we slowly drive towards the ocean down the narrow red dirt road that leads us through the pineapple fields.

Long before we can even see the great North Pacific Ocean, the 60 feet waves roars like a thunder storm when breaking on the outer reefs of Pe'ahi. For the few surfers in the world who master these monsters, Jaws is the ultimate challenge.

Even for us mortals who come here to watch the spectacular drama from the cliffs high above the sea, Jaws is an experience that is second to none.

Holding our breath and with our eyes fixed on the ocean surface below us, we stand devoutly along with the rest of a large crowd waiting for the next set of giants to be ridden by the daredevils of the north shore.

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