Losing My Heart In Tuscany.


by Mela Mörtenbäck

When the decision was made to spend part of my studies abroad, I didn't really think of Italy. But as fate willed, almost half a year later I found myself in the heart of Tuscany.

Life in Siena takes place at the Piazza Il Duomo. During day, touristic groups romp about the Fonte Gaia, every now and then newly-weds cross the place along with a photographer, kids are chasing after pigeons, students spend their lunch time with a slice of pizza and souvenir sellers try to get rid of their kitsch. In the evening it's time for a passeggiata: It's all about to see and to be seen. Couples are changing amorous glances whilst enjoying a glass of Prosecco, young people meet to celebrate until late at night.

Siena captivates and echants with its atmosphere and architecture alike. The pronvincial is also a geographically ideally located base for exploring the surrounding areas of Tuscany - such as Chianti and Massa Marittima - or cities like Firenze, Pisa, San Gimignano and Montalcino.

During my year abroad Siena has captured my heart and Tuscany will receive an eternal place in my "travel heart". Landscape and people, architecture and cuisine - a unique attitude towards life one should open up to at least once in life. So as to return again and again and …

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