Colours of Iceland.


by Mia Minor , 2012

Iceland is a unique destination that offers pristine nature, breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture...I read this when I was searching for some information about Iceland before our trip there. It was quite a spontaneous decision to go there. And today I know it was the best choice.....

We travelled there in the middle of August 2012. Because we had only one week and none of us can drive, we booked a hotel in Reykjavik and each day we went on a trip that local tourist agencies organise. The first thing you notice when you leave the city is that there are almost no trees. It gives the countryside a special charm. From the road you have a great view at the mountains, lava fields, rivers and all the beautiful colours. When we went by the south shore, we stopped at a farm near Eyjafjallajokull volcano that erupted few years ago, beautiful Skogafoss waterfall or visited Skogasafn museum with the typical Icelandic houses from the past. The sun was shining and you could enjoy the peace and silence. When we moved on to Vík, we got into the mist and the mood started to rain and suddenly you could see only some shades of grey, white, black(the beach we visited) and some brownish colour of the mountains. The best experience for me was the trip to Jokullsarlon glacier lake. We went the same way by the south coast, but the feeling was totally different, no sun, just rain, dark sky and mist. The dark and gloomy mood of yellow mist and lava fields that formed different shapes, some looked like troll faces made my imagination run wild and I could feel the touch of magic and mystery of the place. The most exciting moments of all the Iceland trips came at Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon. The amazing blue colour of ice was in a great contrast with the grey sky and the black hills around it covered with snow. I was astonished with all that beauty, I just couldn't stop taking photographs. On our way back we stopped at the nearby black sand beach where smaller melted icebergs from the lagoon roll into the sea. The next trip was into the deserted inland to Langjökull glacier. After we left the main road the countryside started to be different from what we saw the previous days. Just rocks, hills, some volcanoes, vast land...a lot of brown, brick red, black, blue and white colour of glacier.....and feelings of absolute freedom. The walk on glacier was a great experience. On our last trip, the Golden Circle route, I started to feel a bit of sadness even the sun was shining and it was the hottest day of our journey...we knew the next day we were going home.

This holiday was an an unforgettable experience for me because I found out that Iceland has much more to offer than what you can find on internet or in has such great atmosphere, special weather that sometimes changes every ten minutes, so many colours, tales, sagas, beautiful and friendly people...It has its soul and spirit, it can make you very emotional and I surely want to visit it again.

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