Formed Through Fire And Ice.


by Michael Hacker , 2012

It’s one of Europe's last unspoilt landscapes that caught my attention not too long ago. It has always been my dream to visit Iceland at least once and after extensive planning, I managed to travel there in July 2012.

When I arrived in Reykjavik in the evening of July 1st, it was as bright as the day and it would stay like this for the next 28 days that I spent on the island.

All I needed was in my backpack; a tent would be my home for the next weeks and my camera a constant companion. This trip was a waiver of all luxury that normally surrounds us in our daily lives and I loved it! For days I wandered through the rugged highlands and crossed lava deserts, looked at breath-taking canyons formed by volcanic eruptions, roaring waterfalls, huge glaciers as well as enormous glacial rivers. It was an amazing play of colours! Each stage of this trip was unique and beautiful. I enjoyed the peace of nature, away from the daily hustle and bustle.

So I perused my hobby: to photograph, hike and travel.

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